Bob Ryan
Phone: + 1 612-708-0361
Mr. Ryan is experienced in the HVAC, fireplace, stove, and pellet combustor industries. He is also an owner and manager of a pellet fuel manufacturer in the US. Mr. Ryan has experience in the development of new markets, as well as governmental policy and lobbying. He is well known and comfortable working with state and federal agencies and department staff.

Sofia Wretler
Phone: +46 70 788 2090
Former trainee at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta GA, USA, project manager/export assistant in Europe during the International conference ”International Bioenergy Days 2008”. Has also been working a lot with Argentina through her work at the Argentine Embassy in Stockholm. Speaks Swedish, English and Spanish fluently. Since 2008 she has been running her own consultancy firm, Wretler – BioConsultancy that since the summer of 2009 has established a partnership with European Energy Connections, LLC.