European Energy Connections, LLC, is a consultancy firm registered in the USA with the head office in Minnesota and a branch office in Stockholm, Sweden. We facilitate European and American companies involved in renewable energy to make connections in the areas of transferring products and intellectual property. If your company is looking at expanding your product line using European renewable energy technology or if your company is looking for a partner to get your technology out on the US market, we are here to make it happen!
1. We develop business relationships with European and American companies
a. We find renewable energy companies in Europe
b. We find manufacturers and/or distributers in the US depending on what the owner of the technology is looking for
c. We create data bases in both countries
d. We match appropriate technologies to like kind businesses to provide distribution and/or future manufacturing
e. We create foundation documents for the development of a working agreement to create a draft Letter of Intent
f. We work with each company to develop legal contracts for licensing agreements and ongoing royalties or contract sale of the technology
g. We monitor the product sales and customer satisfaction for the technology sales company and assure the selling company receives its royalties      
 2. We provide business development services 
a. Site visits and business-to-business introductions
b. We provide translations and layout for web sites and product literature 
c. We do market and feasibility studies
d. We do straight sales