US Market
I have heard over and over again from European Biomass Companies that all they need to enter the US markets is a manufacturing partner to manufacture their product and this would automatically put their clean tech product into US consumers hands. I’m afraid this is not always the case. The distribution or sales of product in the US is almost entirely handled by Distributor Companies. Now many Manufacturers also have distribution networks inside their businesses but not always. We here at EE Connections work to find the best match for your company. Often this is one company that builds your product and a second that gets your product to the retailer who sells to the end user. You must be very careful not to box yourself into a deal that doesn’t fit your product´s capabilities.
US markets for clean tech products is slowly developing as the economy starts recovering. President Obama has not been able to get Carbon tax legislation passed in the US Congress as of the end of 2009 but he has encouraged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to move forward and regulate Carbon as a poisonous gas. This is very promising in the fight to introduce clean tech products to US consumers. With carbon being relegated US businesses will be forced to look for other types of energy sources for their operations. This will bring alternative energy technologies to the US business markets and to residential and industrial consumers.
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Bob Ryan